ISU participates in the design and development of the UiT course "Teaching and Supervising International Students"

Written by Matesuz

Due to the increasing number of international students at UiT a group of PhD candidates, academic staff and students are designing and developing a course that will enable the UiT academic staff to excel while teaching in the multi-cultural classroom. ISU Tromsø is represented by two board members.

The course is named TSIS - Teaching and supervising international students and deals with:

  • Methods to communicate effectively with an international audience
  • Supervision of culturally and linguistically diverse students
  • Ways of transformation the challenge of having international students into a mutual learning experience

ISU is confident that the efforts of Melania and Cornel - the coordinators of TSIS – will help to improve the quality of academic life for international students and enhance the integration of internationals into Norwegian academic hverdag.